At a crossroads

“There must be a few times in life when you stand at a precipice of a decision. When you know there will forever be a Before and an After…I knew there would be no turning back if I designated this moment as my own Prime Meridian from which everything else would be measured.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful


Sometimes we have to make very difficult decisions in life…decisions that are for the betterment of the whole.  The word difficult is an understatement as to how one feels when your world is being turned inside out, upside down until you no longer recognize what up is anymore.

We all are faced with such decisions in life whether it be a new job, a sick parent or child, moving….a death……how we handle such adversity is a testament to our own character.  Either we pick ourselves up or fall into the rabbit hole.

Life has a funny way of testing us, our patience, our love, resilience.  We think we know it all but in reality….when you look at life in it’s entirety…we really don’t.  Few of us are lucky enough to skate through this existence with barely a scratch.  But is that good? Hell, who wants to live a life chalk full of problems, deceit, sorrow…..but we have to…we have to because that’s life.

We can’t always hide our head in the sand…..give ourselves in to denial because your job, your marriage…isn’t going as planned.  A part of you wants to run away from the pain, the uncertainty but you keep going…you keep going because there’s no other choice.  Responsibilities towards your family, yourself are paramount to survival.

And during those dark times who do you turn to?  Does God fit into the picture? And if not God then who?  Do you have a safe haven to run to when times are tough.  Someone or something which can ease the pain, the doubt?

“Each day is a new beginning. You can start fresh, anticipating what today will bring. Or you can just settle for yesterday’s doubts, fears, or worries. Which road will you take? Do you take the path to the clear present or the the shadows of the past?”
Eve Evangelista, Create and Move Forward in Life

It’s your life…what do you choose?


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