Living a life drama free

Who seeks drama and why?

I try to avoid it as much as possible. Primarily because being around it is stressful and I currently have enough on my plate right now.  Didn’t care for it as a kid and sure as hell won’t tolerate it now.


My sister was a lady who, God bless her, seemed to attract the unsavory.  She was a handful for my parents and though has a good heart…..seemed to always be at the heart of any type of chaotic circumstance going on either with friends or family.

I strongly feel there are individuals out there who enjoy living on the edge; for whatever reason, they need that adrenaline rush, or they are self-centered/narcissistic fools.  Everyone else’s feelings be damned as long as they are the center of attention and their basic needs are being met.

I’m not saying I’m perfect….far from it.  What I can’t stand is hypocrisy.  We all have certain responsibilities. Whether with family, our job, to society…we do.  People squander their lives away, giving in to things which in the end, really have no true meaning.  Of course I believe living in the moment, but why is it people will take it to the extreme?

Am I old-fashioned? Boring?

Growing up in a Latina dominant household (because mom sort of ran things) it was drilled into my young brain that I had to be the “responsible one,” to set the example for my younger siblings.  Sure, at times I didn’t want this on my young naive shoulders but what’s a daughter to do?

In my travels and the years I’ve put in….I have seen many things, experienced some wonderful, and not so wonderful adventures. I have learned from my mistakes and always make it a point not to repeat.  Again, am I perfect?

Far from it……

But I hope when it’s finally my time to go I can honestly say I lived a good life, was loved by those who meant the most to me…..and gave back to the point where I created some really good memories…….drama free.


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