Structured Self-Development Courses


I honestly don’t know how many veterans read my blog but am sure those who do know about SSD courses.  I find that they have become a bane to my very existence.  Before, when you wanted to get promoted to E-5 and above we followed a different set of rules. Now, you have to navigate through these non-user friendly modules (and with these sites developed by government contractors does this issue does not surprise me in the least) which take forever to complete. (Can you tell I DON’T like them)????

The main reason is you are expected to take a test and you cannot push on towards the next module until you pass it.  Unless you take notes or print out each module section then you’re not going to pass.  I know if you want to succeed hard work is always the key. I am simply venting here because in the past NCO’s did not have to jump through so many hurdles.  And when you’re a reservist the rest of life seems to always get in the way.

When I left the Army for almost a decade what I returned to did not resemble what I had left.  (That’s a rant for a different day)…..

For those of you who don’t get what these are here is additional information taken from the Army Times:

The program of courses soldiers need to be eligible for promotion is now mandatory.

The long-planned policy to make the online Structured Self-Development program a requirement for Noncommissioned Officer Education System attendance took effect April 1 for the entry-level course, and will be followed this year and into 2015 by the other courses.

The new requirement is crucial for the Army’s nearly 1 million active and Reserve enlisted soldiers, given that NCO Education System courses are required for promotion.

Under the service’s schools-for-stripes policy, the Warrior Leader Course is required for advancement to staff sergeant, the Advanced Leader Course for sergeant first class, the Senior Leader Course for master sergeant and the Sergeants Major Course for sergeant major.

Structured Self-Development courses are not specific for the different specialties and career fields of the Enlisted Personnel Management System but address issues that are common across the service, such as health and fitness, Army history, ethics, military writing, leadership and effective management.

(Read more about it here)

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