Change is in the air….

It is said that onset of the proverbial Mid-Life Crisis is 45………………………………

And, according the Wiki, Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques stating a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life.[1] A midlife crisis is experienced by many people during the midlife transition when they realize that life may be more than halfway over. Sometimes, a crisis can be triggered by transitions experienced in these years, such as andropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment, realizing that a job or career is hated but not knowing how else to earn an equivalent living, or children leaving home. People may reassess their achievements in terms of their dreams. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day-to-day life or situation, such as in career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationships, large expenditures, or physical appearance.


Yes, it’s about change…change of thought processes, body transformations, and sometimes more often than not….a different life outlook…good or bad it happens and it manifests itself in quite a few of us, including me whose hit that tender age.

In mid-life the man wants to see how irresistible he still is to younger women. How they turn their hearts to stone and more or less commit a murder of their marriage I just don’t know, but they do.
Earl Warren
I have read and seen many marriages crumble due to infidelity, secrets, selfishness, boredom etc. at around this age and a little older. Is it a growing pain or is it simply a lack of empathy for one’s spouse?  And grief comes about in a variety of forms. Could be regrets, making difficult life-changing decisions…sometimes wrong ones…death of a parent, relationship misconceptions, onset of abuse (physical, emotional)…..palatable loneliness and questioning your very existence
See, what you’re meant to do when you have a mid-life crisis is buy a fast car, aren’t you? Well, I’ve always had fast cars. It’s not that. It’s the fear that you’re past your best. It’s the fear that the stuff you’ve done in the past is your best work.
Robbie Coltraine

And it’s not just relationships that can crumble but also a dissatisfaction of the status quo, your job, the company you keep…many things.


I wouldn’t go back on my old days, though; everybody needs to have their wild years. It’s just a question of when and I’d rather have had them early than be doing it as a mid-life crisis type thing.
Rob Lowe
In the end try to live life to its fullest. We only have this one and let’s make the best of it.

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