For better or for worse….

What do you do when there are issues needing to be discussed with your partner however bringing them up may cause irreparable harm?  Do you keep such toxic thoughts to yourself or do you venture forward and (come what may) decide to pursue a course of action?

I wonder how many marriages fail because either one of the spouses is too afraid to discuss a sensitive topic.  How many years do they allow to let slip away until so much resentment is built up that it is most certain the marriage will end in failure?
I have noticed from my own observations of those couples around me this very factor.  They continue with the matrimonial charade not addressing the elephant in the room.  Instead, the issues is swept under the rug.  No mention of the transgression, hurt feelings, mistrust, and perhaps broken vows.
Is it human nature to hide?
Are we that afraid of rejection we are willing to risk years of grief and turmoil in order to stay with the one you “love?”
What does it take to simply say to hell with it and open up the flood gates?
What do you have left to loose?
Your home, dignity? Partner?
I try to wrap my head around the astronomically high US divorce rate.  I’ll never quite understand the need for couples to simply give up on each other, or to pretend an issue does not exist.  What makes for a happy and trusting marriage?  What does it take to ensure that each partner is committed to the relationship 110%? I am quite sure Americans aren’t the only ones facing these issues yet all I hear is silence.

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