Sometimes, in order to keep the peace you have to swallow your anger and/or pride.  A difficult thing for sure for some people.  If you feel slighted or disrespected in the very least naturally you want to defend yourself.

When someone tells you they are too busy to talk to you what is your gut reaction? Do you blow it off or do you take offense? Have you taken the time to see what’s actually going on??
Note, when someone speaks to you in terse tones do you feel offended or do you try to find out what’s going on with that person?
Sometimes we don’t think clearly when we feel like our co-worker, spouse, family member, friend etc is not giving us their full attention or respect as we feel that they should.
We may fail to understand that said individual may in fact be busy and you caught him or her at a bad time.  Now, if they continuously treat you this way, well….then it’s time to nip such behavior in the bud so to speak.  No one deserves to be spoken at or down to.  I know I certainly don’t.  I refuse to allow someone to speak to me as if I am a child needing discipline.
Patience they always say is a virtue, but so is courage and strength.  When you find yourself in a tense situation where you feel that you are being disrespected it’s best to simply walk away (if you can.)…if you feel that you cannot then politely ask the “offender” what is going on. The key here is not to use the same offensive tone being used because then well, we know….WWIII could certainly ensue.
And, if all else fails….just walk away and try to realize it’s not you.

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