The Newlywed Blues

Seems like most people if not all can feel a little down after getting married. After all, you have prepared your whole life (at least a lot of women have) to saying your “I Do’s.”  And after the celebrations there can be a time your marriage falls into a lull that can land any new bride or groom into the dumps.

You have to be able to nip this in the bud before your marriage ends south.  It is said post-wedding blues are normal and shouldn’t last for a long period of time. However, if after months of wedded bliss and you’re still not “feeling it” then it’s time to question whether or not your marriage needs a little help.

The first couple of years of marriage are said to be the most difficult. You’re getting used to living together (if you hadn’t before-hand), there’s the mixing of finances, new ideas etc…it is during this delicate time that a couple needs to come together and be open to whatever is troubling them.


Always remember communication is the best tool in solving any problem but at the same time respect your partner’s privacy if they aren’t ready to talk about whatever is bothering them. However, with that being said, your partner shouldn’t continuously shy away from said topic if it’s causing a rift between the two of you.  You shouldn’t be afraid to speak to your spouse. The two of you are a solid partnership bound by love, devotion, and loyalty.

Make time for each other, don’t let your hobbies or interests take over time spent away from your spouse.  Find a way to include him or her sometimes with these activities as they should with you.  It takes two to make a marriage work. If one person is emotionally or financially bearing the brunt of these two areas then a family meeting is in order or if need be, family therapy.

In the end, always remember what brought the two of you together and remember that out of all the people in this world you two chose each other to make a life/commitment with….and for better or for worse those vows need to be taken seriously.


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