Being newly married it can be difficult accepting separations. Well, we were separated for a little bit during deployment and now again during hunting season.

For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s a lifestyle.  I grew up in Indiana so am a little familiar with the lifestyle. I feel hunting is appropriate to bring down deer numbers so the ones that are left, aren’t competing for the scraps left during winter season.  I think it’s appropriate if you come from a struggling family and the meat is used to supplement what you already have (or don’t have)…whatever the case may be.

Of course there will be individuals who think hunting is cruel…it can be if you aren’t a good shot and the animal is left to suffer. However, if you’re a good shot then I don’t see an issue.

The most difficult part is when your husband is away for days on end.


I don’t participate in the sport but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to go out with him once in a while because well, it’s something he likes.

We all need to venture out of our comfort zone…(husbands included) to try something different.

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