Growing up in the country I took driving for granted…not any more. 😦

Tailgating is a huge pet peeve of mine——————-and something I see quite a bit here on the St. Louis highways and yes even in town.  Happened to me this morning on my way to work.   BOY if it wasn’t raining and dark I would have left them in the dust with the sheer horsepower my Mustang carries under her hood. No matter what, if I accelerated or not they kept right on my tail.  It was like I had a string attached to them.

I was getting ready to pass this guy who was going slow in the middle lane (another driving pet peeve) and that white car started speeding up anyway, I passed the slow car and that’s when they tailgated me and trust me, there were plenty of lanes this person could have used to go around but kept on me; and when I changed lanes they changed lanes with me and am thinking to myself “what is wrong with this person?”  I hate that crap. People see a nice car and then they do things like that. Happened to my husband a few times in the Corvette and when I drove it. Just idiots man.


Ok, off my rant…………for the moment.






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