No one likes to argue. It’s taxing, it’s too much drama. However, we all know that not everyone is always going to see eye to eye. In a marriage this is even more true.  We take on the vows “for better or for worse” and when we argue, the worst part of our personalities emerge.

When children are involved, it is up to us as parents and adults to set a good example.  Name calling, acting in a condescending manner, keeping “score,” and emotional/physical abuse, has absolutely no place within a loving relationship.

With that being said, alternative methods of dealing with sensitive issues in a constructive manner is easier said than done.  Sometimes (trust me) we want to NOT have to bite our tongues for the 100th time and say what’s really bugging us.  However, constant criticism is harmful to a marriage and doesn’t have a place within it.

Trust me, you’ll have to walk away at times, count to 10, remember to not bring yourself down to the combative level of your partner.

Marriage is difficult but it’s also beautiful.  Remember the good times, not always the bad.  And remember both parties have to be full invested 100%.  When one person is doing all the sacrificing then resentment can build up and thus creating a hostile environment. Communication is the key, sitting down and calmly hashing out what’s wrong.  Pointing fingers will only create more negativity. Love takes work to make it work.

And if you’ve done everything you can to try and create a loving environment for yourself and your spouse and it’s still not working then counseling is definitely in order.




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