If you ever find yourself bored with your marriage you and your spouse need to sit together and figure out why you (or they) are not experiencing a sense of fulfillment.

motorcycle_largeWe all are familiar with the honeymoon period when you first meet someone and right after the wedding.  These flushed feelings can last a few months or even a couple of years but real life interferes and sometimes these feelings can dampen.  We can’t expect our love to be the same as it was when we first started dating (though we like to think so).  If it’s true…that those butterfly feelings continue then yes, it can happen but not always.  Love grows, it’s tested, and both of you will go through difficult times.
So, what causes us to fall into a rut?
You need to ask yourself a few of questions: 1.) Are you bored with your relationship 2.) Bored with being married? 3.) Bored with your partner? and finally 4.) Are you bored with life??
Look at marriage as a stable sense of security. The two of you chose one another for a reason.  And hopefully the both of you discussed important details to a long-lasting commitment PRIOR to saying your I do’s.
Everyone falls into a rut at some point, even with themselves.  But it’s up to you as an individual to pull yourself out and as a couple to work side by side through these bumps on the road.
Unfortunately marital bliss can fall into infidelity because one person may feel that the lack of luster is somehow all the other person’s fault.  What I have noticed through the years is that couples will “pick and choose” WHICH vows to adhere to…..something I could never understand growing up myself in a traditional marriage.  Mom and dad lasted almost 44 years and trust me, those vows were tested.  But they loved each other and they made it work for them.
I digress, however, when you decide to commit to a person through marriage, remember it won’t always be an easy path.  There will be obstacles thrown your way: hardships, illness, and yes even boredom.  Everyone can get stuck in a rut. It’s up to you to inject some excitement back into the relationship. Am sure your partner will be more than willing to jump on board.  🙂

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