1395273_10202136938045396_506576641_nLeaving the city and rat race behind was something I sorely needed this week.  Hard work week, dealing with the government shut down, lost a reserve paycheck due to the Capital Hill fiasco, coming out to the country with my hubby, Mr. H. was just what the doctor ordered.


Growing up in Indiana I was darn lucky to have a pretty decent childhood.  Almost Norman Rockwell in some ways.  I miss living in the country, no sirens, barely any crime, the people there, at least to me, are far more friendlier.  Here in the city everyone and everything is in a rush.  Living in St. Louis you are dealing with crime, poverty, and a population density I never got used to, (especially with traffic.)

Being out there with the hubby, just he and I was every wife’s dream.  We had each other and that was heaven.  Maybe because we’re technically still newlyweds we are still pretty much caught up in each other.  All spouses should be, for the entire marriage.  Keep that love alive.  🙂
All partners should take a trip out to someplace holding little distractions except with each other and simply let the world slip away and make great memories.  ❤

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