Dealing with the government shutdown

As a federal employee, Army Reservist, and American, these are trying times.  I’ve already lost money because of this B.S. and am at the end of my tether. This posting is a justified rant.

I just love how Congress is trying to pretend they’re heroes; also, not to mention this President shouldn’t be let off lightly, and now we are dealing with the budget crisis…are we going to end up defaulting on our debt not just causing a national crisis but international as well?????

I really do not like discussing politics here in this venue but the stalemate has me more than a just a little upset and worried (understatement).  This mess didn’t happen overnight. And, it also didn’t happen on the watch of any one president, administration or majority. Both sides already spent the money. Not just the Democrats or the Republicans – each party has been contributing to our debt for years.  They have approved spending our hard earn tax $$$$ on whatever cause of the moment they each have had.


In addition, we Americans should also become more fiscally responsible.  A great lot of us do mirror our government. If you think about how much we spend in our own households compared to what we make in our paychecks we are as much to blame. Also, when you go out and vote for a political candidate MAKE SURE you understand your party’s platform before making a blanket move to vote based on party alone. Become educated and quit living in a bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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