Army Training

This past weekend I had a Muta 6 (each drill day is broken down into 2 MUTA’s).  MUTA stands for Multiple Unit Training Assembly) consists of four, four-hour periods or two days.  We ended up going to Weldon Springs, MO for our annual driver’s rodeo. I had the opportunity to play OPFOUR as an Afghani man (yes) for a day.  Since I haven’t deployed (yet) it was interesting to see how troops are trained when faced with either friendly nationals or hostiles.  The rodeo is a mock up scenerio of what could happen during any given convoy when deployed.  It was great training and I really enjoyed myself.  Sometimes with reserve units there is more lag time than anything else.  Our jobs are active (for quite a bit of us) when deployed or out in the field.


Irregardless, this type of training also entrenches our camaraderie with one another which is essential for any military unit to properly function.

The only downside to the MUTA was that I ended up with a case of allergies, my face is puffy and looks like a prizefighter knocked a few rounds on my left eye.

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