The precipice

“No matter how you tell yourself
It’s what we all go through
Those lines are pretty hard to take
When they’re staring back at you
Oh, scared you’ll run out of time
When did the choices get so hard
With so much more at stake
Life gets mighty precious
When there’s less of it to waste” 
― Bonnie RaittNick of Time 

Oh how this hits home.  As our life progresses and we leave behind more memories and face less years of living ahead we all face a life changing quandary.   Was our life worth living? Did we accomplish everything we initially set out to do? What’s on your bucket list?
I feel my life has been above average. I’ve traveled, am well-educated, have loved and lost.  Faced heartache and unimaginable joy.  Now facing 45 I think about what lies ahead for me.  What tales will I tell? How will my life further unfold?
I think about what it means to be a woman facing this life-changing status.  The expectations of women in our age group have dramatically changed.  We are seen as being in the prime of our lives.  Well-educated, driven women of the 21st century.  We are in the prime of our lives.  We are (at least I would hope) financially independent and enjoying the well-deserved fruit of our labors.
All of us will at some point experience this inevitable mid life crisis of the heart and soul.  What we must be aware of is that whatever our thought process, we must come to terms over our life decisions and achievements.  Learn to age gracefully.

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