3 weeks…

While on AT I have several goals in mind. Besides giving 200% to Uncle Sam, I want-need to lose weight.  I have a small frame (so the doc says) and any extra weight weighs heavily on me. (Pun intended.)

Losing weight has always been a life-long battle for me.  My addiction is food and we need it to thrive.  The battle of wills has defeated me for so long my spirits have dampened.  So, with that being said, perhaps slipping into the military mindset for almost a month will give me the motivation I seem to lack lately.

And with being on the precipice of middle-age, I know my body is changing.  I don’t like it but must find a way to either embrace these changes or find healthier means to fight growing old.

They say all we have to do is look at our mothers and this is our future.  I love my mother but I have no desire to be overweight. It’s time to get off the pot and make things happen.

3 weeks I’ll be on forced portion control (the Army way) and besides, the military is well-known for its lack of culinary skills. In the end getting healthy, staying healthy, is all on me. Not my family, not the Army, but on me.  With a good portion of the American population being overweight I have NO desire to join those numbers.

And hopefully good things will come.



One thought on “3 weeks…

  1. I know what you mean. I turned 50 last November and I really have to watch what I eat! I love food, all kinds of food and the worse it is for me, the better I like it. It’s hard!! I quit smoking, I can do without the beer ( I went to the concert last night on post and didn’t drink one beer, even though I was surrounded by it) but if you put a huge slice of chocolate cake in front of me, it’s way harder to resist!!!

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