Political correctness

When does political correctness cross the line? Perhaps the Six Flags over Texas roller coaster incident can be examined as one situation where this issue has taken its toll on the American public.  From what I understand, maintenance and design will be examined along with Mrs. Esparza’s body type and her posture.

My question is, if the lap band did not properly fit why was she allowed to ride?  I am only speculating and await the outcome of the investigation like everyone else; but, it seems to me Americans are afraid to confront uncomfortable issues.  If you are overweight to the point that your weight may cause safety concerns, then it’s up to you to decline the ride.  We all have to take personal responsibility over ourselves at some point and quit blaming others for our mistakes and life choices.

Am not blaming the victim. She probably thought she was safe.   Perhaps this horrible life lesson can teach the rest of us about political correctness and when to speak up when things are “not right.”  I am not saying to verbally abuse someone because of being “different” but when it comes to safety we need to really evaluate what is considered reasonable accommodation.




One thought on “Political correctness

  1. I would have probably ….not been ugly, but protested a little louder. But then on the other hand, I’m a firm believer that when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. You and I both have combat patches on our sleeves, and yet we’re still here. If it were meant to be that we died in combat, I would not be typing this and you’d not be reading it. But apparently it was her time. Not to make light of it at all, but that’s how I see it. I’ve thought that way for years. It helps me not be nervous about flying! 😉

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