Next week I leave for annual training (AT) with my unit.  I have been informed we will be working 15 hour days. Is it just me getting older or does this simply sound exhausting?  I will try my best to bring a positive attitude.  Sleeping in tents has long lost its appeal, and I blame this on the advancement of age. I remember while stationed in South Korea I had a calendar in the shape of the country. We were often out in the field. When I came back I took great joy marking of the days, meaning I was closer to returning home, to the states.

The worst camping experience I had was the time my unit was situated 30 miles south of the DMZ. It was winter and our heater had gone out.  The old ones fed by Mo-gas.  Woke up with a frosty film covering my sleeping bag. It was a real bitch getting ready. Luckily I had my BDU’s in the bag, however it was difficult getting ready when you were also sleeping in a tent full of men.  (And no, I wasn’t the only woman there).

Those were the days of the GP tents and putting them up was a pain. But not as bad as the new tents, SICPS Tent (Standardized Integrated Command Post System) that are out there now. I don’t care much for those either.

I know I’ll miss my husband and daughter, my pets, and yes most definitely my bed…a private shower, the television…the list goes on and on

Irregardless, I know what I signed up for and I still love the military, the camaraderie, sometime the food, and the various field exercises I participated in.  With the years I have already under my belt, some day when I have grand kids, this lady will also have some interesting stories for them.



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