Losing weight after 40

imagesI have painfully realized  food is my enemy. I know that’s an unhealthy way of looking at it but my lack of willpower has caused me to become 6 pounds overweight for the Army. Yes, 6. I would love to have my daughter’s fast metabolism or be able to eat like my husband and barely gain a pound.  I am not as active I used to be.  While serving on active duty I was never overweight.  We “PT’d” every day in some units and every other day with others.  When I was stationed at Fort Huachuca we had weekly 5 mile runs with the training battalion and same while stationed in South Korea.

Once reaching my 40’s I quickly realized I needed to exercise more even if eating the same amount of calories.  Frustrating.

Pre-menopausal and menopausal women’s metabolisms slow down due to the aging process. Another frustrating factor besides the wrinkles, thinning skin, and irritability.

Prevention.com has a simple formula for women on how to effectively lose weight:

Determine How Many Calories You Need

Knowing your ideal goal aids weight loss

Your weight goal: ________
Multiply by: x 10 if you don’t exercise
at allx 13 if you rarely exercise
or only play the occasional weekend golf or tennis game

x 15 if you regularly exercise
(swim, walk, or jog) for 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week

Total daily calories: ________


Healthy eating has to be a number one priority for both men and women.  Heart disease and diabetes runs on both sides of my family so it’s imperative I get off my bum and take a proactive stance on my health.

Everyone should!


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