In sickness and in health

My husband was bit by a copperhead this past weekend.  He called to tell me.  Rushing through my overactive mind was the possibility of losing him. We’ve been married five months and together out of that time frame for about one month as a married couple.


He is definitely breaking in the new wife.

Now, I have nothing against snakes. This creature was only protecting himself, wondering why my man decided to mess with him in his new and now favorite hiding spot.  Of course my dear newlywed husband faced a stern lecture.  (In this instant it’s more than warranted.).  I cannot fathom losing the love of my life so quickly. Though the copperhead ranks at the bottom for poisonous snakes, the bite is quite painful. Seeing the after effects of the venom was scary to say the least.  Never in a million years did I think I’d witness such an event.

Now I completely understand all the difficult nights mom spent with dad while he was hospitalized. Our spouses are our world.  Out of all the people in the world we narrow down our search to one person, one person to spend the rest of our life with.

I decided early on in life that marriage was not for me. After some false starts at love I had given up.  I decided to simply date and hand over thoughts of marriage to my daughter. My days were done. Then I met my husband and even though I balked at the thought of marriage he eventually convinced me to give him a try.

I won’t lie, being married can be scary at times, frustrating, and exasperating. However, with that being said, I really am in love with my husband, he is also my best friend. And though we may not always see eye to eye I would always hope we are able to talk things through.  I realized my parents marriage lacked effective communication skills and I didn’t want that for my own. I didn’t want to repeat the pattern.

Am not saying I’ll have the perfect marriage, no one does, but I will say I will work damn hard at it and give it everything it deserves. After all, I waited 44 years for the right man.



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