Unprofessionalism at your workplace

“Have you noticed how difficult it is just to get along in the world? If you’re no good at all in your job, people treat you badly and eventually you will be unemployed. And if you’re a little better than competent, everyone expects miracles from you, every single time. Like most of life, it’s a no-win situation. And if you dare to mention it, no matter how creatively you phrase your complaints, you are shunned as a whiner.”
Jeff Lindsay, Dexter Is Delicious


We’ve all experienced such stress and it can become emotionally consuming.  The last place you expect such toxic behavior is at your place of employment.  Sadly though, many of us if not most (unless you work from home) have unfortunately dealt with a bully, a whiner, an incompetent coworker, or a tyrannically boss.  Thankfully, (in most instances) there is a recourse. However, with that being said when you are actually experiencing such degradation the moment can become quite frustrating.

Initially setting boundaries is a must, especially in larger companies.  But with that being said, even with smaller units you will have to make clear what is and is not tolerable.  And just because someone acts unprofessionally does not give you the green light to do so, especially if you wish to see yourself rise in the ranks or to earn a glowing review if you decide to move on to greener pastures.

I’ve been working since 13 years of age first as the neighborhood babysitter and then the military.  I like to keep busy and usually am quite happy doing it.  Albeit, sometimes I will hit a snag and have to deal with the aforementioned situations.  HOW you deal with these is a testament to your character, learn to pick your battles, don’t raise the battle flag every time something goes wrong. Be tactful and brief. Don’t drag a situation down if it’s unnecessary and if worse comes to worse, use your chain of command. Even the private sector has it.


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