The Story of Us

Remember how you felt when you met your spouse for the first time? And for most of us we experienced those tendrils of excitement, anticipation….perhaps even joy?

Why is it that most marriages seem to fall into a similar pattern if not months but guaranteed years down the road?

Perhaps the culprit is time, routine, a wearisome blending of days.

A solid marriage takes work. Think about your grandparents/great-grandparents’ generation.  Do you think those 50-60 year marriages came about effortlessly?


So why is it with today’s generation when things get hard people give up? Sure you don’t want to keep re-hashing old problems if they’re not being solved but at least get to the root of whatever is bothering you or your spouse.

Seems like a lot of marriages are made from the same recipe:


Boy meets girl, they date, fall in love, marry, have kids, buy a home, attend their kids’ games, visit the in-laws…you get the picture.


Where’s the romance???


Point being, we typically forget after awhile what exactly drew each of you together.  What were the behaviors that drew you to your partner?  Just because you guys are married now doesn’t mean the dating automatically stops. Be creative, add some spice to your marital bed…..find reasons to want to touch each other. Hold hands!


Just find little ways to rekindle the spark.  Pamper each other, plan a getaway if that’s possible.  DO something…..don’t fall into a dull routine and think about “what could have been.”





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