Date night! But we’re married….

How many married couples out there have fallen into a rut…the years slip away (and sometimes not even that) you both fall into comfortable (cough) boring habits of the familiar.

What once was considered courtship behavior is simply left to the wayside.

WHY is it with so many couples that marriage has to equate boredom….

I don’t feel the primping and preening stops for either partner.  Don’t you wish to still feel that tingling rush of sweet anticipation.  I for one love this delicious sensation and don’t want to ever lose it.

I love hearing from my husband, looking forward to date night.  One of the best things about marriage is that you have a captured audience (pun intended).  I want to be able to keep his interest, to make him feel good.  I think it’s important to keep up the sugar and spice and everything nice when you join the monogamy team.

Being married doesn’t mean settling into the endless doldrums. BE creative!  Enjoy your spouse and all the little sweet surprises that they have to offer. 😉

Keep falling in love with your partner over and over….it’s exhilarating.



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