A different breed…

Had an interesting conversation with my spouse regarding deployment and marital bliss.  Before the advent of technology our grandparents depended upon mail from their loved one.  It could take weeks before word of their well-being would arrived.

Our “me me me” generation of I want it now has made us less compliant when it comes to patience.  A virtue sorely lacking in today’s youth.

With Facebook, SKYPE, Hotmail, Gmail, and cell phones obsession, reaching out is only a click away.  So imagine if you will, year slipping by and not being able to see your husband as was the case with my maternal grandmother.  Where did her patience come from…was it that her financial stability was tied to her husband…my grandfather while he was away serving during WWII.

And this brings us to the present.  American women today don’t necessarily need a man to bring home the bacon. We women can bring it home and fry it. We have become women of a different breed.  We are establishing ourselves with 401k’s, retirement funds, careers.  We overcame our feelings of inadequacies to establish our own feminine niche in this world.

However, with that being said, with having our personal space, our personal needs met, it’s nice to come home to a pair of masculine arms and forget about the world “out there” and focus on a part of ourselves that only a partner who “gets you” can provide….



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