The Human Element

For each of us there’s a moment of discovery
We turn a page, we raise a hand
And just then in the flash of a synapse
We learn that life is elemental
And this knowledge changes everything
We look around and see the grandness of the scheme
Sodium bonding with chlorine
Carbon bonding with oxygen
Hydrogen bonding with oxygen
We see all things connected
We see life unfold
And in the dazzling brilliance of this knowledge
We may overlook the element not listed on the chart
Its importance so obvious
Its presence is simply understood
The missing element is the human element
And when we add it to the equation
The chemistry changes
Every reaction is different
Potassium looks to bond with potential
Metals behave with hardened resolve
And hydrogen and oxygen form desire
The human element is the element of change
It gives us our footing to stand fearlessly
And face the future
It is a way of seeing that gives us a way of touching
Issues, ambitions, lives
The human element
Nothing is more fundamental
Nothing more elemental

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