It’s that time of the year again!

Cleaning equals cheap therapy.  With my new husband deployed, I am finding this chore becoming less arduous than before.  What better way to welcome sunshine and flowers  and keeping this lady busy than tackling the dreaded house overhaul.

My number one spring chore this year is tackling…the closets.  How many of us have simply thrown clothes, toys, shoes, whatever into the great abyss?

Talk about closets, cabinets and drawers oh my!

When most people discuss Spring cleaning we typically think about everything but….we envision taking down our drapes, the bedsheets, rugs…and beating the Winter dirt away.

So where to begin? If you’re closets are anything like mine you’ll need to take a deep breath—-start brainstorming and remember:  Organizing your closets is one of the first steps in organizing your home.

  • Get rid of unused clothes and those that don’t fit you well.  (Am sure with these tough economic times you can donate these items to your local church or even the Goodwill.)
  • Store most used items in plain sight (something I need to practice.)
  • Store seasonal clothes in see through containers or label them for easy identification (don’t forget the moth balls) You can also use the space under your bed for an easy tuck away.
  • Coordinate your clothing by season if you don’t have the storage capacity (i.e. sweaters, sleeveless, dresses, suits.)
  • Use storage cubbies to organize your shoes
  • Add lights to your closet space to illuminate those hard to reach places (if you have a walk in)
  • Color code your clothing to make finding things easier.

Hopefully these tips can help motivate you in getting started.  Only you know your preferences and remember, a clean closet means having peace of mind.   🙂


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