Why do people change after marriage?

We’re only human. We’re exposed to new experiences as husband and wife—legally and spiritually bound (if you believe in the latter) with one another. How can our actions NOT affect the other?

So, how does this country end up with such a high divorce rate?  How do couples who once passionately loved one another end up as strangers? Have such  changes transform a couple so much that their behaviors turn into an act of betrayal.

Think about this……When dating we’re caught up in the excitement of those first tendrils of love and sensuality….during this time we seem to suffer from short-term memory lapses when it comes to certain behaviors or habits; because, as the old adage goes:  “love is blind.”

That’s why it’s sooo important to address such issues PRIOR to saying the I do’s.  Lay it on the table, discuss the things that WILL affect your marriage. Find out what makes your partner tick, makes them happy.  Don’t marry because you’re afraid of ending up alone.  I always told people I would much rather be happy and alone than with the wrong person and lonely.  Marriage shouldn’t feel like a prison sentence and it sure as hell shouldn’t be entered into lightly.

Feelings are transitory. Most of us are blessed with a rational mind which acts as a check and balance for our feelings. We are not the same people we were in our teens, twenties and so on.  We evolve and so should a marriage.

The success of the marriage depends on the couple’s communication and of course, mutual respect.  And that, my friends goes without saying.


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