For Better or for Worse

I hear so many marital complaints from family and friends.  It makes me wonder where did the love go?  If you could only be in my shoes right now would you still love your spouse? Could you or would you even be able to communicate with them as I have with mine?


Marriage isn’t easy.  Worthwhile relationships (worth keeping) are going to take work and sometimes that means going through fire.

What I would give right now to be able to scold my husband for leaving his socks on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink….to complain about his snoring or laugh at his silly jokes.

Commitment means working through some really hard stuff so that the good times are even that much more meaningful. It means moving forward, not always looking behind at past mistakes. You learn from them.  You learn. It becomes a form of personal growth.  And marriage is about growing together.  Your marriage means having joint personal goals and yes individual ones that will be in harmony with the long-term.

Appreciate what you have, every detail of the relationship.  One day you or your spouse won’t be here and it’s better to remember them with loving memories than bitter ones.



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