I’ll never understand how couples fail to communicate with each other about the important things that affect the relationship and each other as individuals.

Marriage is a partnership a lifelong commitment, or has this institution become a fad of the past? You choose your partner because you feel he or she is the best fit for you.

So when does the love disappear and the resentments begin? When did the negative feelings  insinuate themselves between the two of you?  Can you pinpoint the beginning of the end?

When I hear about marriages ending in separation or divorce I am astounded.

What are your communication styles like?  Is one more reserved and the other more open?  Past research has typically pointed that men and women tend to communicate differently. Women, for example will use a lot of non-verbals and “beat around the bush” while men get straight to the point, (average here ladies and gents.)

When you fight what is it typically like? Screaming matches, silence, estrangement?  Any of these behaviors are simply symptoms of something much greater. And when festering issues are not addressed the problems are compounded to the point either one or both individuals explode.

If there is still a marriage to be saved go back to when you initially fell in love, when exactly did it happened?  Try to recapture those feelings, discover what you still find endearing, find ways to rekindle the fire.  And if the arguments have overridden any desires to fix what’s broken then seek counseling…there’s no shame in that but don’t simply give up. Take your vows seriously and sit down….t.a.l.k…………………….

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