Being the handyman or rather handy”woman”

One thing you learn when the Mr. is away on deployment is becoming self-reliant.  Easier said than done when it comes to learning how to fix things around the house.  I can bring home the bacon, pay the bills, and even serve my country as an Army Reservist, however sadly enough I am mechanically “illiterate.” Put a wrench in my hand and I’d probably throw it across the room out of sheer frustration than learn how to use it.

Case in point, my toilet is running and was told it could be the flush master.


Every man’s fantasy is a woman good with the tools.  Imagine your honey coming home and you’ve fixed (place house problem here.) You become a rare gem. Many of us women though have a difficult time trying to get these honey do list done.

The best thing to do, especially if you are trying to save money is to rely on friends who are handy around the house (this includes other women), or enlist on patiently researching the Internet or home improvement stores regarding how-to books.  Don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and try a little handywork yourself.  You might even surprise yourself. 😉

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