A life full of love

My wedding and honeymoon were a dream come true.  Every moment spent with the Mr. was wonderful.  Unfortunately he had to return overseas for his deployment and as a newly wed wife my feelings were mixed but am a firm believer in my vows and love isn’t always going to be easy when dealing with such a drastic separation.  Strength also comes in many forms and those who find themselves in a similar situation you should try and seek guidance from whatever higher power you believe in; and trust me family and friendly ties go a long way in soothing such a “loss.” However I also know such sacrifices are being done for the greater good and for a better future. I am content with the man in my life and the keeper of my heart:



One thought on “A life full of love

  1. We just wanted to stop by to thank you for becoming a Friend of Pfister. We’re looking forward to following you blog. Congratulations on your wedding, and we will be keeping you and your husband in our thoughts. Thank him for his service for us!

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