The Journey Within…

Major changes are about to happen in my life…good ones, daunting but needed.  My fiance is returning from his deployment so we can marry.  I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world (worn out cliche) but I really do.  I waited my entire life for someone like him and it was well worth it.


Unfortunately he has to return once his leave is up and being a newlywed with a husband back overseas is difficult to wrap my head around but something I have to do.  The key is to look deep inside of myself and realize what he is doing is the best thin for the both of us.  Though it’s similar to swallowing a bitter pill I realize this is a “necessary evil.”  The separation and worry is difficult however I also know that I am most fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as he does.

Now it’s up to me to continue keeping the home fires burning so when he returns we can pick up where we left off.  I think about my grandparents during WWII and the limited forms of communication they had.  My American grandfather was stationed in the Philippines and my Puerto Rican grandfather on an island off the coast of South America.

Today we have our phones, SKYPE, Facebook and various messenger tools.  All of this makes the separation easier (if that’s even possible to say.) But it does.  I just pray this will be the last deployment.

When your partner has to do something you are against it’s best to seek in introspect what is best for the both of you. As a couple one thing I have learned is compromise. Unfortunately I did not have that in the last serious relationship I was in (I tended to give in due to cultural circumstance.)

A loving, lasting relationship is based upon trust, respect, and of course…love.  You give a part of yourself over hoping he/she will hold this close to their heart, protecting that vulnerable piece only you and you alone are free to give.

Live each day with a passion, make the journey worthwhile.

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