Where is her justice?

I read Under the Abaya and Susie’s Big Adventure on a regular basis. One story which I must share is Lama’s. This 5 year old girl’s only “crime” was being female in an patriarchal society.  Half Egyptian and half Saudi this little girl had no real chance of a life in her father’s country.

lama-al-ghamdi(Courtesy of Susie’s Big Adveture)

Instead of enjoying dolls and cartoons she is dead at the hands of her “father”  Sheikh Fayhan Al Ghamdi.  She was beaten, raped, and tortured by the very man who should have protected this innocent soul.  Half of her head was smashed in, her anus torn and then burned to try and shut it, a fingernail pulled out and raped everywhere.

You can read more of her story here nonetheless this worthless piece of crap is literally getting away with murder due to the offer of blood money ($50,000 USD) and favoritism towards the male gender.  WHEN will the women and children of Saudi receive proper justice?  In a country which prides itself as the land of Haj it seems more of a land of lawlessness, hypocrisy and blasphemy.  Women are treated as property, second class citizens, their life worth half of a man’s. Thank GOD I live in the United States where my freedoms are not trampled upon. Though we Americans scoff at the credibility of our justice system, it is far better than what certain segments of Saudi’s population receives.

Lama 640x392_32860_249009
(Courtesy of Susie’s Big Adventure)’

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