Loving unconditionally

“There must be a stronger foundation than mere friendship or sexual attraction. Unconditional love, agape love, will not be swayed by time or circumstances. ”
Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare

How many of us grew up thinking all love was conditional? I did.  A mother’s love, at least that of my own mother, is by far unconditional.  She has loved us through the years despite our mistakes, our fights, separations….

And those of us who are privy to such love seek out a man or woman or partner who will fulfill these same desires, giving ourselves wholly to them in the physical, spiritual and emotional sense.

“All you have to do is revise your point of view. Instead of trying to achieve perfection, simply relax and enjoy human imperfectability. With that perspective you achieve the ultimate godhead. You see man as infinite possibility always in the process of becoming. You see finally that man, in emulating the creative process, is nothing less than God.”
Robert H. Rimmer, That Girl from Boston

I am learning more about myself with my fiance on deployment.  There have been some arguments, crying, loneliness, and melancholy however despite all of that he has stuck by me and I to him.  Though am marrying late in life (to some) I feel the waiting has been well worth it.  Through my diverse dating experiences, I have seen challenging conditions set forth (and stamped as if in stone) when trying to find the elusive compatible partner.

“Authentic Love – When you truly love another human being, you extend to them the dignity of risk. Love them without fear and embrace them without restrictions. Accept them without wanting them to change to your ideas of their person-hood. Watch them evolve and grow into the realization of their own potential. There comes a time when you recognize they need to journey on without you. Love them enough to let them go. Bless them and release them.”
Julie Hardesty

Dating in today’s times is surely not for the faint of heart.  Crippling doubts can plague us.  You wonder about their character, their tenacity—their ability to simply be a “normal” sane human being.  So, you date, and like everyone else vying for that allusive diamond in the rough, you put on your best attire, hoping to impress, conjoling a smile, developing a witty repertoire….trying to discover out of all this melange of intrigue the missing puzzle piece; wondering all the while if perhaps he or she does not in fact exist. Yet, a part of you persists, perhaps it’s the eternal optimistic, the romantic, whatever it is you feel that this person is out there, the one meant for you, to become your partner, time traveler, best friend. So, you continue with your search, hoping against all odds each will find the other. And when you do realize that you are an imperfect being yet with patience and time, both can evolve in life’s journey and leave behind lasting memories of true devotional love.



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