You are my best friend

One of the best developments from any relationship is finding a friend in the one you love. When you have that, everything else falls into place.

Loving someone takes a lot of courage.  You risk betrayal, loss, and grief. You can run up against your deepest demons.  Trust me, there are different flavors of wrong.

What does it take to find the right person? To be truly loved borders on the miraculous.

And this leads me to finding a loving relationship which endures.  One would think marital bliss would be the answer to everyone’s prayers.  However, whenever I see married couples bickering I wonder if they remember their wedding day, reasons why they fell in love?  Sadly, I see this all to often.

Think about how you would treat your best friend. Would you treat your spouse with even less respect? Once you begin with the name-calling, yelling, and flying accusations the relationship will begin to crumble.  Friendship is part of that relationship foundation wrapped up, of course, with love.

Lovers can come and go but a best friend can last a lifetime.



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