Good Intentions

Ever wonder why we make New Year’s resolutions and most of us never follow through? More than likely (at least for this blogger,) I see the upcoming new year as being a fresh start, a rebirth, so do a lot of others.

Depending if you view the glass half empty or half full will greatly influence your follow through.  At the same time, don’t let a new year become your wake up call in living a better/healthier life.  Sure, don’t set yourself up for failure but if you strongly feel the need for change. D.O. I.T.!!!

Simply break down your goals into manageable bites. I believe people fail in completing their goals because they become overwhelmed with the overall picture. Instead, set up short term goals that will get you to where you need to go.

Take a step back and see if this goal is something you want.  Don’t give in to peer/family pressure.

Don’t let these unfulfilled New Years resolutions become a pattern of good intentions.  For example, I go to the gym and during the early days of January and into February it’s packed but by March these “good intenders” have tapered off.”  Better for individuals like myself because the gym is less crowded but I think these gyms rely on such gullibility for a few extra dollars and then you’re trapped into a contract.  Better to thoroughly review if such a goal is what you want BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

Yet, even as I write this there will still be people who continue make resolutions every year even though so few of us follow through.


With all this said, make reasonable demands on yourself that you know you’ll follow through.  And if you have good intentions then make the upcoming new year a fresh start, and….


new year images



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