Start living life

157344580701327637_bmvM7Edr_cPeople, when you reach my age you start looking in retrospect wondering if you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do when the road was new.  You may have regrets, you may not but let’s be real, I would think most of us have had them.

We think about the love that got away, that dream job which slipped through our fingers, the potentials of all the “what if’s” and settling for less than perfect……

What we’re doing is looking for a sense of self-validation…that our lives actually meant something. The short time we are here has to account for something special. That we won’t be forgotten…will we?

We are in search of our “true”self…wondering if in fact this is all that there is to life, have we missed something? Or have we in fact  reached the pinnacle of our existence and frankly, we seek to free ourselves from the restrictions of our past.

But why be a lemming?  Don’t fall victim to such morose reflections. Embrace this new chapter in your life and yes find new interests but don’t become a victim of your own short-sightedness.  Discover what it’s like to be in love again with your current partner or if single take that brave first step into the unknown.  Find something about yourself that’s unique, don’t be like the rest of them darling…life is far too precious for that.




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