With this ring….

The kind of marriage you make depends upon the kind of person you are. If you are a happy, well-adjusted person, the chances are your marriage will be a happy one. If you have made adjustments so far with more satisfaction than distress, you are likely to make your marriage and family adjustments satisfactorily. If you are discontented and bitter about your lot in life, you will have to change before you can expect to live happily ever after.
~Evelyn Duvall and Reuben Hill

This quote means everything.  I belive anything you do in life is what you make of it.  If you have a piss poor attitude then you’ll be met with much adversity.  It’s all about perspective and being realistic.  Same goes for entering into a marriage.  If you a an imbittered person, jealous, pretentious, and an all around bitch then don’t expect a happily ever after.  Any man who puts up with such crap deserves what he gets.  However, with that being said, if you honestly want to change your outlook then you seriously need a critical self-analysis.  Making adjustments to your personality isn’t an easy process, especially if you have a few years on you like I do. 

Trust me, it isn’t impossible.  You just have to really want change. You have to commit yourself wholeheartedly to the most important people in your life. Don’t place unrealistic conditions.  Learn to work together and to talk things through. Remember the simple things:  never go to bed mad, always find one good thing about the day to be grateful for, and always remember the quality of the love is what will endure.  The love has to be proportionate to the depth of your commitment to one another. 

Be commited to your vows, be honest with one another, work as a team, and at least for me, find humor to get you through the rough times.

Remember, marriage is a beautiful affair of the heart…..


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