Through the looking glass…

Live life in the moment.

What does it mean to you?

It means a lot of different things such as venturing outside your comfort zone…and people have varying levels of that comfort I know.

What I might consider an adventure others might regard as unsafe…and yet some will take it a step further and feel that I am being far too conservative.

ME? Conservative? Maybe in some issues. not in all.

Living in the moment is capturing what it—LIFE–means to you…unique to each and every individual.

My life…..ahhhhh my life—–has been chalked full of many such moments…frozen in time as if laid upon a piece of faded Kodak paper.

I can still visualize the years slipping away taking me back to a time maybe forgotten once but somehow…something keeps bringing it all back.

Could be as simple as a song, as divine as a smell, perhaps a word or phrase someone passes along my way.


And I think………….

I think…………………………

Why did I do that?

What was it for?

Did it change me?

Did it move me—-

—move me to the point where my chosen path in life changed because of that one captured moment?

Yes….yes God to so many things……sometimes it feels like a rush of images, experiences, emotions…almost like watching an old 8mm movie reel of: “This is YOUR Life.”

And you bear witness to your triumphs, mistakes, glories, tears, love, laughter, pain, color, sounds, voices, regret, friendships, travels, sickness, creativity—deaths, goals met….goals lost——advice given and……not taken.

This is your life. Yours…to capture in your hands, heart, soul—to seek in doubt, faith, love-and in the end having the strength to sift through it all and claim what is yours, to acknowledge all that is there—capture all of it…all of it and realize…this is your life.

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