Being flexible

When two people make a commitment sometimes there will be instances where the person’s work schedule, extracurricular activities etc might interfere with your “couple time.”

I believe that for any relationship to be successful, especially if your partner’s work schedule interferes with together time is developing outside interests, a sense of self….

You two were INDIVIDUALS before you came together and it’s very unhealthy NOT to have other activities/hobbies/friends in place.  The world should not revolve simply around this person. If you subscribe to this train of thought your relationship may be doomed for failure.

A lot of pressure can be placed upon someone when they become the sole reason for your happiness and spiritual well-being.  It’s unhealthy and of course, very impracticable.

Besides, spending time apart allows you to appreciate what you have.  Trust me, with my partner’s impending deployment I have come to appreciate the time we have had together and it sustains me.  A deployment separation is not a walk in the park. You can at times become resentful, stressed (understatement,) and depressed.

Cultivating outside interests is important in maintaining  your self-identity and autonomy. It helps to keep the relationship moving forward on a healthy level.

For those dealing with deployment issues joining a support group can help ease the pain of separation and worry. 

And when the two of you are together carving out time together has to be a priority. Alienation from each other is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. Marriage takes work. ANY type of relationship does.  The question is how badly do you want this partnership to succeed?

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