Very soon my S.O. will be deploying and I will be managing our affairs while he is gone.  The hardest thing is being the one left behind.

I am not going to lie, this sucks, and on so many levels however I understand the purpose; and, for better or for worse I made the decision to support and remain with him.

Frankly, I thought it would me ME leaving HIM behind because of my military status.

Not so……

I do feel for all the couples out there who have to contend with such a painful separation. And if you are ok with your partner leaving, and don’t even shed a tear then I question your motives for even staying…..

I have seen couples divorce over this.  Typically it’s the woman left behind–not these days.

More women are deploying overseas leaving behind their husband/partner and children.  Irregardless, those of us who are left to keep the fires burning have to learn to deal with every day household issues that we may not have had to deal with before.

I pride myself on my independence…I took care of my own household, (rent–now mortgage, the usual bills) but now it’s not just me.  And funny as this may seem, taking care of his business does make me feel closer to him.

When I read about military couples dealing with the pain of separation I understand all too clearly now the sacrifices we have to make for the greater good.


2 thoughts on “Seperation

  1. Thanks Johnny. Seems like I have been serving forever and I do admire those soldiers who take time out of their lives to do what’s right or at least to believe in the American dream and making this world a better place. Right now he is on a holding pattern but the good part of all of this is that we will be making time to get married during one of his liberties. Planning a wedding will help with the pain of separation.

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