How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

Sex and The City had an episodie where when Carrie attends the wedding of an old friend and the later is told by the bride: “it is always better to marry someone who loves you more than you love them.”

Does that provide some sort of warped security for people? I can never imagine being with someone I didn’t love, or loved with equal measure. The futility of such a relationship seems more like a waste of time and quite unabounding selfishness.

And then there is the flip side….perhaps your spouse/partner has either “stopped loving you” or “loves you less” than when you met.  You hope against hope that he/she will come around…that if you sacrfice yourself to this person perhaps they’ll come around.

But more often than not I don’t see this happening….look at the US divorce rate. Some say the stats are skewed but even with remarrying there’s still the issue of a high rate of divorce in this country.

By the same token when your spouse/partner loves you more, your emotional needs are not being met and this will only set your partner up for betrayal.  

And it’s simply not the potentiality for cheating, it also becomes highly unfair on your spouse/partner.  They chose to spend their life with you.  Karma is a bitch and you don’t want Her on your back.


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