A word to the wise………

Sometimes I think I am in the wrong profession and should have become a licensed family therapist or psychologist with all the advice I seem to dole out at work and personal life. 😦

It appears that a friend of mine is having issues with her boyfriend…she isn’t sure whether or not to stay or to move on.  He seems committed enough but at the same time it’s like his mind is somewhere else…not necessarily his heart but he’s not “all there” and we all have witnessed such accounts in our own relationships or with friends/family.


And simply not sure what to tell this person.

If he isn’t fully committed then it’s best to move on.  Why waste any more of your time on this person? I would love to tell her this but will she listen?

I doubt it………….

They are happy enough but there are still nagging doubts as to if he really is the one or if he really is into “them.”

Difficult to explain fully in just a blog post but am sure many of you out there have experienced being in such a quandry. A state of limbo per say……not sure what to do….who to talk to….if perhaps you are making more out of the situation than what’s warranted………..

In the end you have to ask yourself if this person is someone you can see being with for the long-term…good times and bad.  THEN you will have your answer.  😉

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