Making a difference

I look at young kids today and wonder what the future has in store.  I remember when I was 15 how my exuberant need to succeed, to be independent overshadowed everything but trying to make a difference….for my life to actually mean something.

Kids have it far easier than when I was a child and of course I had it easier compared to generations past.
I get it, the economy has its fair share of problems, we are collectively struggling as a nation to keep this country afloat.
But never have I heard so many excuses from young adults as to why they aren’t “making it.” 
What happened to the American spirit? Do we have to hand over everything to these young citizens in order for them to stay productive? 
And don’t get me started on individuals who have been on unemployment for months……I’m not perfect by any means but I remember when I was searching for a job I made that my full-time.  I worked two jobs while attending college AND raising a child all by myself with NO child support. So, when I hear people lamenting about their spot in life I ask them what have you done to better yourself?
Are you taking classes?
Are you spending enough time putting in job apps? 
What are you doing to make a difference for yourself? For our country, your community?
Complaining, excuses can only get you so far in this life………..and what a waste of life it would be to let opportunity simply slip through your grasp………


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