Couple more days

and I leave for Nebraska.  One US state I have never flown, drove, or stayed….not sure what to expect as far as what’ll be thrown at me besides the basics everyone who’s been to WLC has told me about.

Just ready to get this phase of my life done. Needed to complete it years ago but sometimes life events interferes with certain goals and those events take priority.

My hope is to develop a mindset based on some of the ideas, behaviors, tenants that’ll be instilled in me while there.  I hope to continue the “healthy” lifestyle of exercise and to continue my self-development.

I will be away from family and loved ones…which frankly is harder for me to deal with than the actual physical/mental aspect of a military school.  But I also know this school needs to be completed so I can continue forward and hoping graduating WLC I can continue to advance in the military which is vital to my career. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Couple more days

  1. I did PLDC at Ashland years ago (back when it was still called pldc). It’s just one of those things to get through and not that bad. I focused on running while I was there and that helped pass the time. Good luck and drink water!

  2. My welcome letter was pretty through in letting me know what to expect once I get off the plane. I know quite a few of the coursework and practical applications will be combat related. There have been some changes such as not having to take a PT test once you get there but you still have to pass one prior to reporting. Thanks for the luck and yes with this unbearable heat water is a must. 🙂

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