Hurt me with the truth

…..but never comfort me with a lie…..

Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes; this is partly because it gets unobstructed hold of the hearer’s mind without his being distracted by secondary thoughts, and partly because he feels that here he is not being corrupted or deceived by the arts of rhetoric, but that the whole effect is got from the thing itself.  ~Arthur Schopenhauer, translated from German translation.

We have all lied at one point or another in our lives.  Either to spare a loved one a potential hurt or to shield ourselves from the inevitable truth which lays out our true character.

Love is a powerful emotion, so is being accepted by others, even strangers. For we are social creatures and seek acceptance in some form or another.

But a truth told with the intent to qualm a hurt is far better than a white lie to cover a misdeed.


One thought on “Hurt me with the truth

  1. The truth is always better because it can never cause you a problem after it being said while a lie can turn the situation into a really horrible situation. Although, sometimes being honest or lying will always cause you harm because sometimes the people you deal with can be plain idiots.

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