Attitude Check

I don’t feel sorry for mentally sound and healthy people who can work.  I don’t understand how a person can be on unemployment for more than a year and STILL not find a job. If you have family living in another town see about staying with them and putting in apps. Take on anything right now but work. DO something. And don’t tell me illegals are taking the good jobs. What good jobs are you all talking about? Being a migrant worker?  Lawncare?  Am quite sure they are not taking on the white collar jobs but those that require hard phyiscal labor. The only gripe I have with illegals is that they use our healthcare system and the tax payer usually ends up footing the bill or the hospital which raises rates.

I digress but I will never completely understand how people complain about not being able to work. Make FINDING a job your FULL time job until you land one. Might not be your ideal but at least it’s something in the meantime to pay the bills.  There are also classes one can take, Pell Grants to go back to school, MANY resources out there if you only take the time to look. I just don’t get how our country is falling apart when we Americans are renown for being made of sturdy stuff………..



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