Learning a new skill set

I have always been the motivating type.  However due to circumstance I was unable to achieve certain goals in life and am now at 43 (and 1/2) seeking new talent. 

Who says just because you turn 40 you’re all washed up? The Federal Government has certain laws in place to prevent discrimination on hiring individuals 40 and over. Why the arbitrary number?  I don’t know but it irks me to think there are employers out there ready to dismiss someone’s talents and drive simply because of a number.

I have always sought to better myself both in education and diversifying my skill set. Today’s economy presents new challenges to the American worker.  We all are feeling the pressure to add to the repertoire.  We have to remain competitive no matter the age.

We need to take control of our own training and education.  Don’t always rely on your employer to provide new skills.  Go out and learn something new, from computer software programs to leadership seminars/problem-solving skills.  Such actions show a willingness to adapt and change and frankly when we get to our age, change can be a four letter word.

And network…I cannot stress this enough. Some of the better jobs out there (especially $ALARY wise) is on WHO you know. Join professional groups, attend seminars, do what it takes to remain marketable.

By doing these things your career will take a turn upwards and you’ll feel a real accomplishment.  Don’t sit on your laurels. Today’s economy demands that you don’t………



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