Give it a rest already


People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be, not what you nag them to be.

As the old saying goes…you’ll get more with honey than you will with vinegar.  I will never understand how committed couples stay together and for the most part their communicative repertoire tends to be on the argumentative/nagging side. Perhaps both get off on trying to out do the other, it establishes some sort of “passion” who the hell knows? I know that particular style does not work on me.

I don’t care for individuals who will use underhanded tactics to get their way with their mate.

Why stoop so low?

The stress level has to be over the top. Really, what gives?

Of course it’s healthy to argue in any type of relationship but has to be constructive…not destructive.

An individual will think he/she has a right to strike back because of hurt feelings so they will in turn nag or part with biting words. Trust me, those do NOT help the situation by any means.

Instead when things cool down (and I suggest a long walk) you may find yourself in a better place and capable of handling the heated situation once you have a clear head.

Trust me on this one.

Once the words are out there, it becomes very difficult to retract, so it’s best not to let them out in the first place, if it can be helped. I understand that when hurt, a lot of us live in the moment but that moment can drag itself on and on if we let it. We can always learn from such arguments.  Complaining, whining won’t resolve the issue either.

It can be hard being the better person..because sometimes GOD how we want to be right, to get the last word, to say what we really feel…instead perhaps it is better to walk away if it means salvaging what might be broken then do it. 

Don’t let things fester to the point it becomes toxic either….find a constructive way to get your point across…it’s healthier.


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