Leading a secret life…

A friend of mine recently confided in me that she discovered her husband had a secret life of meeting men.  This came as a shock to me because I would have never thought this guy would have been bisexual.  She is unsure as to what to do.  I told her, the best thing is to get a divorce if counseling is not an option..not because of his sexuality but because he cheated on her.  If a person is gay or bisexual then so be it….studies have been conducted and it appears to be a physiological thing….of course I have also heard about experimentation but in the end I feel if you are turned on by the same sex then a part of you is bi….
What I don’t condone is any type of betrayal and what this man should have told her from the very beginning was his sexuality…if a couple is in a committed relationship why hide this fact?  I would consider it pretty major.
It’s best to get something like this out early…not years down the road, as in my friend’s case, when so much time and emotion has been invested in the relationship.
Of course I cannot tell her what to do (especially with her being married) but what I do know is irregardless of who this man has been with he broke a sacred trust held between her and himself and it’s best to move on……..

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